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ourunitedarms's Journal

Our war against wars
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This community is for hardcore, emo, indie, whatever kids, who love music to the core and care about their world. With the state of our world today, we as youth need to get together, debate and share opinions. The serious part of this community is about taking action and protesting on topics we care about. We can break this community into certain topics:

- Music: promotion of bands, bragging about local bands, pictures of shows, discussions and opinions, tour dates, reviews, etc...

- Scene: venues, locations, history, no labels, what you hate, what you love, support each other, selling of merch/whatever, etc...

- World: on a larger scale, wars, government, protesting, environment, equality, consumerism, anarchism, capitalism, etc...

By the kids for the kids.
-No Rules, Only expectations...
Respect the community and respect each other.

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