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hey its me zeek again, i haven’t posted in a long time. anyone who likes Thursday can understand that a couple of fans have started a petition to have them play again in my city before late December. if you can understand the will of the fans you can sign this petition to have them play in either san Antonio or Austin. go to a friend of mines lj for a link at thisisg3y. so anyways now i can say i stuck my neck out. to catch anyone up who cares enough to want to be caught up, this is what’s been goin on with my life. my sister just got kicked out of the house for going to vampire goth orgy parties or some stupid bullshit like that. she’s got no where to go. since the last time i posted i graduated and started work at a local deli shop down the street. it aint much but its better that nothing. i got my brother a job there and he gets paid more than me which is lame as hell. im going sky diving on the 13th for my birthday which is the 11th. im terrified of heights but im going for the thrill. well its late and i gotta go make sandwiches tomorrow. catch you cool cats on the flipside.
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