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seattle shows...

8/12: modern life is war, blue monday, physical challenge, rosary, shook ones
8/13: countdown to life
8/16: sidetracked
8/16: still crossed, one up, ordeal
8/17: one up, still crossed, make move, final fight
8/20: the judas cradle, shattered realm, black my heart, the warriors
8/20: the dead unknown
8/23: killing the dream, physical challenge, verse, sinking ships
8/24: between the buried and me, burnt by the sun, premonitions of war
8/27: HIMSA, as i lay dying, all that remains
8/31: martyr ad
9/3: love is red, a perfect murder, donnybrook
9/4: champion, the answer, blue monday, lights out, sinking ships
9/6: lahar, xbring it downx
9/8: where eagles dare, the back up plan
9/9: where eagles dare, the answer, 5 good reasons, the back up plan, claymore, greyskull (FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!)
9/15: comeback kid, blue monday, figure four, down and out, break the chain
10/31: physical challenge -covering trial-
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